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Professional Traffic Controllers

Our professional Traffic Controllers are certified in accordance with the “Regulation Traffic Controllers law 2009”. They meet the requirements of the “CROW directive – Traffic Controllers” and are in possession of the national appointment pass. Because we meet all these standards, we’ve been happy over the years to support many (sub) contractors with their work on the road.

StarPark has a large pool of professional Traffic Controllers spread across the country.

For professional, certified and flexible professional Traffic Controllers, welcome to StarPark!

Do you need Traffic Controllers for a project tomorrow?

Then contact us and we will ensure that our colleagues are ready for you tomorrow.

The professional Traffic Controllers of StarPark:

  • Are in possession of the national appointment pass
  • Wear official Traffic Controller clothing
  • Have extensive infrastructure experience
  • Are available 24/7
  • Are equipped with all the necessary equipment
  • Are VCA Safety certified
Event Traffic Controllers

During events, there is often a lot of traffic in a short space of time in a limited space. In order to prevent frustration to both visitors and local residents, it is advisable to use specialized event Traffic Controllers.

Our Traffic Controllers ensure a smooth flow of traffic on the surrounding roads. Our people can be placed on the festival grounds themselves in order to use the available space as efficiently as possible in collaboration with Parking Attendants.

The StarPark Event Traffic Controllers are trained every year in collaboration with the municipal.

Let StarPark take care of your traffic concerns at your event!

Do you have an event permit that states that you can work with Event Traffic Controllers?  Then we can support you.

What can you expect from StarPark?

  • Certified event organizers
  • A host/hostess during your event
  • Official Traffic Controller clothing
  • Appropriately dressed for your occasion
  • Equipped with two-way radio and Maglite
  • Extensive experience of events and festivals
VIP Transport

StarPark provides transport for you and/or your guests at a level you can expect from us. Our multilingual chauffeurs can cater for airport transfers and other types of road transport both here and abroad. We provide many types and sizes of vehicles fully tailored to your wishes. Thanks to our cooperation with several transport carriers, we have a large selection of fleet to choose from. Do you need VIP transport and/or shuttle services at short notice? Then please contact us.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class
Do you want to have your guests picked up from the airport? Do you spend a day at different project locations with the management team or your customers? Do you need a luxury shuttle bus for your event? This V-Class is suitable for 7 people, of which 6 people can sit opposite each other in the back. The bus runs quietly and silently. On-board WiFi for your foreign guests, a nice bottle of chilled water and possibly a newspaper with of course a representative chauffeur who guides you and your guests.

Setra VIP-Coach
For medium-sized groups (20-30 people), we use exclusive Setra VIP coaches. These coaches are equipped with tinted windows, luxury leather seats and tables. These vehicles are suitable for VIP transport. Excellent for transporting delegations or the board of directors. The VIP Coach has a 6 to 10-seater round seat at the back for meetings.


Parking Stewards

For large events, it’s very important that you use the available parking space as efficiently as possible.  Our Parking Stewards ensure smooth approach routes, ensuring your visitors keep moving in a safe way.  Once at the parking lot, the Parking Stewards ensure efficient, smooth and safe parking.  They do this by having visitors park at different points at the same time.

Our Parking Stewards can work together with volunteers from your organization. This allows you to offer professional parking support while your investment remains relatively low.
In addition, it is possible to have StarPark collect parking fees. This way you can earn back the investment quickly and easily. For paying visitors, we recommend working with mobile PIN devices. This way, you considerably reduce the risk of robberies, while the traffic flows faster.

Our Parking Stewards supervise the parking areas. This reduces the chance of car break-ins. Damage to cars can also be limited as a result.

Our colleagues keep in touch through professional radios helping to minimize delay to your visitors.

Do you want to have extra security of your business?
StarPark works in co-operation with our sister company StarSecure with the contracting of certified Security staff for your events and festivals. Visible presence of Security Guards gives your visitors a safer feeling.


StarPark has for every chauffeur service, the right driver. Our customers make frequent use of our shuttle services and our home chauffeur services. We also provide private chauffeur services. Together with you, we carefully choose the driver that suits you best.

Executive Chauffeurs

CCV-D1 Executive Chauffeurs
The CCV certificate for executive chauffeurs is a guarantee and quality mark at the same time. Our D1 chauffeurs have followed the basic training for executive chauffeurs and ensure safety on the road. You can expect vehicle experience, geographical knowledge and the correct professional attitude of our CCV-D1 Executive Chauffeurs.

CCV-D2 Executive Chauffeurs
In addition to the basic training for executive chauffeurs, our D2 chauffeurs have also followed advanced training and drive safely, smoothly and efficiently. They are also trained in preventative observation, multi-tasking and security. With a private chauffeur, you arrive fully rested at your location. Our chauffeur will wait until you are ready. The chauffeur can also perform additional services during this waiting time.

Student Chauffeur
Our student chauffeurs are all HBO or university students. They are selected on the basis of driving experience and discreet interaction with our customers. Our student chauffeur is the best choice if you want to be transported in style for a friendly price.

Why choose a private StarPark Chauffeur?

  • Cheaper than a taxi
  • Comfort of your own car
  • You go home when it suits you
  • Customer friendly
  • Flexible
  • Representative
Home Chauffeur Service

The StarPark home chauffeur service: The solution for a relaxing evening out. You drive in your own car to the restaurant or festival. When you want to go home, your car will be driven and you will be brought home safely in your own car. You can do this if you go out to dinner for example; even offer it to your guests when you are giving a big party. Of course you want your guests to enjoy themselves but you also want them to get home safely! The StarPark home chauffeur service is available from one car, but can also cater for 50 cars; nothing is a problem for the StarPark organization.

Why a home chauffeur service?

  • You can relax and enjoy yourself
  • Cheaper than a taxi
  • Comfort of your own car
  • Your own car is brought home
  • You go home when it suits you
  • Extensive experience during events and festivals

The StarPark home chauffeur service: The solution for a relaxing evening out.

Shuttle Services

When parking is further away from the event location, a shuttle service is often used. Guests are taken from the parking lot to the event location with a shuttle bus. If guests depart from the event location, our shuttle buses are ready and waiting to take your guests back to the parking lot. The shuttle service can be in the form of a coach, a small 8-person bus, golf carts or even rickshaws in various designs.

Shuttle services for events and festivals
At staff parties and events where there are a lot of changes to visitor numbers, we use 8-person shuttle buses for transport. These buses are large enough to comfortably transport your visitors and at the same time small enough to navigate through traffic. For larger parties and festivals, we use larger buses. For long distance transport, these can be luxury coaches.

We often use public transport buses at festivals. Why?

  • These buses can quickly pick up and drop off large groups of visitors.  In addition, they come already fitted with a standing place permit.

The less chance of standstill, the better!
During festivals, NS stations are often at a distance from the festival site.  We ensure that your visitors are picked up at NS stations in the area.

StarPark is happy to take passenger transport out of your hands during events!

Traffic plan
In combination with a traffic plan, these buses can travel to the festival grounds as quickly as possible. During peak times (think of the beginning and end of festivals), there is a possibility to use certified Traffic Controllers to combat congestion at both the festival site and NS stations.

Valet Parking

Special attention for your guests: that’s what valet parking is. Your visitors arrive at the event and are welcomed by our employees.
A StarPark driver takes the car to a nearby parking space.

How does StarPark valet parking work? 

A few hours before the start of the event, StarPark employees arrive at the location.  They will prepare the receiving area for the valet parking.  They do this by looking at the space available, working out how safety can be guaranteed and how easy traffic flow can be promoted. The receiving area is then attractively decorated in cooperation with the organization.

As soon as the event starts, our drivers are ready to welcome your guests, guide them to the entrance and drive the car away.  Your guest will receive a card with a unique number. Our drivers drive the cars to the nearby car park, where the keys are stored in a secure key cabinet.  This cabinet is permanently secured by a key coordinator.

When the event comes to an end, your guests will come out.  There our host is ready to receive your guests’ cards. The number on the ticket is passed on to the driver, who then comes by car to the location where your guest is standing.

Give your guests a real VIP feeling, and give them our valet parking service!

Traffic Measures

StarPark Infra helps its customers to prepare detailed traffic plans. This also includes situation sketches and sign plans.

Execution and Permits
In addition, we take care of the actual placement of the traffic signs and application of the corresponding permits.

What can StarPark do for you:

  • Signage during work in progress
  • Traffic lights
  • Text cars
  • Action cars
  • Crash absorbers

StarPark takes the worry away from you with regard to your traffic measures!

Social Return on Investment

StarPark Infra has joined forces with a number of contractors and municipalities in the Noord-Veluwe region to train people who are at a distance from the labor market as Traffic Controllers for road construction. They meet the Social Return on Investment (SROI) requirement in government procurement.

Municipals have the objective of helping people on benefits find a job again. Tenders often contain requirements with regard to SROI. StarPark takes the administrative hassle out of the hands of the contractor and can fill in the SROI part of the tender by, for example, supplying Traffic Controllers that meet the SROI requirements.
Do you have questions about the interpretation of Social Return, or want to know if your specific solution for the interpretation of the possible Social Return obligation can be achieved? Then you can contact StarPark Infra.

Meeting SROI requirements
Are you meeting SROI requirements but not actively looking for people?
StarPark is happy to help you!

Municipalities have the objective of helping people on benefits find a job again.

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