Shuttle Services

When parking is further away from the event location, a shuttle service is often used. Guests are taken from the parking lot to the event location with a shuttle bus. If guests depart from the event location, our shuttle buses are ready and waiting to take your guests back to the parking lot. The shuttle service can be in the form of a coach, a small 8-person bus, golf carts or even rickshaws in various designs.

Shuttle services for events and festivals
At staff parties and events where there are a lot of changes to visitor numbers, we use 8-person shuttle buses for transport. These buses are large enough to comfortably transport your visitors and at the same time small enough to navigate through traffic. For larger parties and festivals, we use larger buses. For long distance transport, these can be luxury coaches.

We often use public transport buses at festivals. Why?

  • These buses can quickly pick up and drop off large groups of visitors.  In addition, they come already fitted with a standing place permit.

The less chance of standstill, the better!
During festivals, NS stations are often at a distance from the festival site.  We ensure that your visitors are picked up at NS stations in the area.

StarPark is happy to take passenger transport out of your hands during events!

Traffic plan
In combination with a traffic plan, these buses can travel to the festival grounds as quickly as possible. During peak times (think of the beginning and end of festivals), there is a possibility to use certified Traffic Controllers to combat congestion at both the festival site and NS stations.

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