Valet Parking

Special attention for your guests: that’s what valet parking is. Your visitors arrive at the event and are welcomed by our employees.
A StarPark driver takes the car to a nearby parking space.

How does StarPark valet parking work? 

A few hours before the start of the event, StarPark employees arrive at the location.  They will prepare the receiving area for the valet parking.  They do this by looking at the space available, working out how safety can be guaranteed and how easy traffic flow can be promoted. The receiving area is then attractively decorated in cooperation with the organization.

As soon as the event starts, our drivers are ready to welcome your guests, guide them to the entrance and drive the car away.  Your guest will receive a card with a unique number. Our drivers drive the cars to the nearby car park, where the keys are stored in a secure key cabinet.  This cabinet is permanently secured by a key coordinator.

When the event comes to an end, your guests will come out.  There our host is ready to receive your guests’ cards. The number on the ticket is passed on to the driver, who then comes by car to the location where your guest is standing.

Give your guests a real VIP feeling, and give them our valet parking service!

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