Social Return on Investment

StarPark Infra has joined forces with a number of contractors and municipalities in the Noord-Veluwe region to train people who are at a distance from the labor market as Traffic Controllers for road construction. They meet the Social Return on Investment (SROI) requirement in government procurement.

Municipals have the objective of helping people on benefits find a job again. Tenders often contain requirements with regard to SROI. StarPark takes the administrative hassle out of the hands of the contractor and can fill in the SROI part of the tender by, for example, supplying Traffic Controllers that meet the SROI requirements.
Do you have questions about the interpretation of Social Return, or want to know if your specific solution for the interpretation of the possible Social Return obligation can be achieved? Then you can contact StarPark Infra.

Meeting SROI requirements
Are you meeting SROI requirements but not actively looking for people?
StarPark is happy to help you!

Municipalities have the objective of helping people on benefits find a job again.

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