Parking Stewards

For large events, it’s very important that you use the available parking space as efficiently as possible.  Our Parking Stewards ensure smooth approach routes, ensuring your visitors keep moving in a safe way.  Once at the parking lot, the Parking Stewards ensure efficient, smooth and safe parking.  They do this by having visitors park at different points at the same time.

Our Parking Stewards can work together with volunteers from your organization. This allows you to offer professional parking support while your investment remains relatively low.
In addition, it is possible to have StarPark collect parking fees. This way you can earn back the investment quickly and easily. For paying visitors, we recommend working with mobile PIN devices. This way, you considerably reduce the risk of robberies, while the traffic flows faster.

Our Parking Stewards supervise the parking areas. This reduces the chance of car break-ins. Damage to cars can also be limited as a result.

Our colleagues keep in touch through professional radios helping to minimize delay to your visitors.

Do you want to have extra security of your business?
StarPark works in co-operation with our sister company StarSecure with the contracting of certified Security staff for your events and festivals. Visible presence of Security Guards gives your visitors a safer feeling.

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